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Bling leads Custom Made Show Lead's

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Extra Info about ​Bling Show Leads!

Bling leads show dog leads are made from quality 4mm paracord shipped directly from the USA. 


With a breaking strain of 550 pounds paracord is the perfect choice for a quality show dog lead that will suit most breeds.


Bling Leads include 3 sets of bling which are custom made to suit your needs. Your welcome to choose any Paracord colour, bling design and lead length to allow me to create the perfect Show lead for you.


Upon purchase of any show lead you may choose a bling design from any of my example photo's or I'm happy to create a bling design for you 

Choosing the correct lead type can be a little overwhelming. Feel free to contact me anytime if you'd like help to decide which will be the perfect Bling lead for your show Dog


Every Bling lead is handmade with the greatest of care to a high standard, however if something isn't quite right with your lead feel free to email me.

Email me anytime 

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