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Paracord Tag collar, choker. Custom House Collar, ID Tag Collar, Open Tag Collar, Dog Collar,
Non adjustable collar. Paracord does not stretch. Many different colours and sizes are available.
  When measuring your dogs neck for a tag collar it’s important to allow room for the collar to slip over the head.
Take a nice comfortable measurement, not tight, where you would like the collar to sit.
  Please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime if you need help or have any questions, most times I reply quite quickly depending on time zones.
    Accessories are only for example and not included with the collar/choker.
  Tag Collars are light weight 4 mm Paracord and very comfy for your dog to wear while lounging around. They are meant only to hold tags, not to restrain your dog or to walk your dog on lead etc. The tags should be attached to the collar.
What paracord colour would you like? Will be made with silver hardware unless gold is requested.

Paracord Tag collar, Custom House Collar, ID Tag Collar

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