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Toy Kindness bling Lead with satin neck 2mm Cord

$23.00 $25.00

Toy kindness slip leads are made from a very fine 2mm paracord to suit small toy breeds. The soft satin neck piece makes this lead gentle on the throat for small toy breeds and puppies.


There are currently 10 cord colours available at this stage but I will expand my colour range depending on popularity.


Pandora style bead designs are included in the price. Let me know the colour bead design you would like on your selected cord colour and I can design something for you.


Your toy lead can be made with or without a swivel so please let me know your preference when ordering.


Standard total lead length is approx 125cm but I can adjust this to suit your needs.


Please Remember this is fine 2mm cord Not the 3.5mm Paracord.

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